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Understanding the Impact of Monetary Policy on Futures Markets

EC916 Topics in Global Finance
The illustration capturing the dynamics of the futures market has been created, showcasing various aspects of trading.

Table of contents #

Name of the Project Leader #

Fatih Kansoy

Title of the Project #

Understanding the Impact of Monetary Policy on Future Markets

Outline of the Project #

The project investigates the influence of US monetary policy on futures markets, studying the effects of policy changes on market behavior and trends. Through hands-on data management and econometric analysis, students will explore the interaction between policy decisions and futures market dynamics, concluding with a comprehensive report or presentation.

Brief Description of Work #

  • Data Collection and Cleaning: Obtain historical futures market data during key US monetary policy events.
  • Data Preparation for Analysis: Prepare data for econometric analysis with statistical tools.
  • Understanding Future Markets: Analyze the response of futures markets to US monetary policy changes.

Intended Learning Outcomes and Work Benefits #

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation Skills: Learn to analyze and interpret financial data.
  • Communication Skills: Improve presenting complex data findings.
  • Collaborative Working: Experience teamwork in data-related tasks.
  • Application of Knowledge to Real World: Apply monetary policy theories to actual market scenarios.

Number of Vacant Positions #

1 or 2

Total Hours #


Hours per Position #

75 or 150

Start Date #

January 2024

End Date #

September 2024

Who can apply? #

  • Undergraduate students in Economics or related fields.
  • Postgraduate students in Economics or Behavioural and Economic Science.

Required Skills #

  • Familiarity with Stata.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel.

Desired Skills #

  • Knowledge of Python.