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Content Samples

Congo brings your content to life. 😍

This section contains some demo pages that show how Congo renders different types of content. You can also see an example taxonomy listing page.

Sidenote: This page is just a standard Congo article listing and Hugo has been configured to generate a samples content type and display article summaries.

Money and Banking

The illustration includes elements such as bank buildings, currency symbols, financial charts, and educational tools, emphasizing the themes of monetary systems, banking operations, financial markets, and economic theory.

Topics in Global Finance - MSc in Economics & Finance

Table of contents #Topics # Globalisation, Global Finance, Global Imbalances β‰ˆ Lecture 1 Intertemporal Theory of Current Account β‰ˆ Lecture 2 Dynamics of Small Open Economies and CA Sustainability β‰ˆ Lecture 3 Equilibrium in Financial Markets and Capital Controls β‰ˆ Lecture 4 International Financial Integration: Models, Evidence, Debates β‰ˆLecture 5 Risk Sharing, Integration, and the Transmission of Shocks β‰ˆ Lecture 6 Balance of Payment Crisis β‰ˆ Lecture 7 Banking, Banking Crises β‰ˆ Lecture 8 Sovereign Debt Crises β‰ˆ Lecture 9 Course Introduction Video - (2021) # I recorded this video during the covid-19 in 2021 but still usefull.