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A Data based Introduction to Macroeconomics Course Design

EC916 Topics in Global Finance
The illustration depicts a modern classroom setting where students interact with macroeconomic data using Python or R.

Table of contents #

Name of the Project Leader #

Fatih Kansoy

Title of the Project #

A Data-Based Introduction to Macroeconomics Course Design

Outline of the Project #

This project will design a real-world data-based introduction to macroeconomics course for undergraduates and graduates, integrating Python or R with theoretical models and macroeconomic data. Students will learn data handling, analysis, visualization, and optimization, along with programming fundamentals and key Python libraries like Matplotlib, NumPy, and pandas.

Brief Description of Work #

  • Assist in preparing lecture materials, including slides and problem sets.
  • Collect and prepare data for use in class materials.
  • Develop and maintain an open access GitHub repository for course resources.

Intended Learning Outcomes and Work Benefits #

  • Direct experience in academic research and project conduction.
  • Familiarity with macroeconomic research methods and data analysis.
  • Practical experience with macroeconomic datasets and their applications.
  • Training in financial data collection and processing for academic projects.

Main Sources Used #

  • “Macroeconomics” by Olivier Blanchard.
  • “Intermediate Macroeconomics” by Robert Barro.
  • “Quantitative Economics with Python” by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski.
  • “Computational Macroeconomics” by Brian C. Jenkins.

Number of Vacant Positions #


Total Hours #


Hours per Position #


Start Date #

January 2024

End Date #

September 2024

Who can apply? #

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Economics and related fields.

Required Skills #

  • Proficiency in MS Excel.

Desired Skills #

  • Familiarity with Git/GitHub.
  • HTML and CSS knowledge.