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EC916 Topics in Global Finace

I have updated the course outline for EC916 Topics in Global Finance. This course is designed for MSc in Economics students at the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick. This course is also available for MSc Finance & Economics students at the Warwick Business School.

Money and Banking

The course will relate this to recent economic events which have reverberated worldwide. It is particularly suitable for students wishing to enter careers in financial markets or further study in this area. The Money and Banking course will look at some key issues in the theory and practice of financial markets, monetary policy and banking and how their interactions affect the real world.

Finance in the 21st Century

I teach an engaging summer school course at the University of Warwick, specifically tailored for about 200 pre-university students from across the world. This course covers three significant areas: the evolving landscape of digital currencies like Bitcoin and their potential to redefine traditional monetary systems; the vital role of central banks in addressing the global climate crisis and maintaining financial stability; and the impact of big financial data, AI, machine learning, and algorithmic trading on financial markets